Today's congress is far too partisan.

The Founding Fathers understood that it is not possible to please all the people all the time. Their solution was a representative form of government with power divided into three branches able to moderate and compromise our differences.

Although each President over the last sixty years has used more executive orders, it is not a desirable way to govern. When we hold an election in this country, we do not elect a King but rather a government representative of the people. A government of the people, by the people, for the people.

A President should lead by word and example, and should govern with the needs of all the people in mind.

We are all aware of the outsized influence of money in politics. Our constitution guarantees the right of freedom of speech and expression to everyone. The nation is also founded on the belief that all are created equal. I cannot believe that the Founding Fathers intended that wealth could be used to amplify some voices above all the others.

Every person in public office will be subject to both good press and bad press. The best leaders try to be as factual and forthright as possible and trust the American people to sort out the truth.


  • LaBoyteaux 2020 — And Now Pittsburgh
    Las Vegas, New York, Sutherland Springs, Parkland, and now Pittsburgh, these victims and others will remain in my memory forever. As president I would express the compassion of the entire nation to these families and respect their privacy in allowing time to bury their dead. If later, these families and this community wish me to come to Pittsburgh, I would do so. And it is never enough. To the best of my knowledge, our nation has still not banned bump stocks which increase the rate of fire of semi-automatic weapons repeatedly used in these tragedies, and we still don’t have universal background checks. Minimal steps. There are troubled and unbalanced individuals in every society. These persons can be easily suggestable, attracted to conspiracy theories and sometimes prone to violence. The inflamatory rhetoric of division and hatred can push these people over the edge. Every elected person needs to understand the power of his/her words and the responsibility that is part of […]
  • LaBoyteaux 2020 — Supreme Court Nomination
    Christine Blaisey Ford has accused my Supreme Court Nominee of a teenage sexual assault. Both are now middle aged, mature, credible adults but at this point it is “she said, he said.” As President what should I do? With a Congress I view as far too partisan how should I lead the Nation? What is the decent and fair thing to do? I would ask the Senate to pause the confirmation process and allow time for the FBI to conduct some background investigation into the alleged sitution. The rush to confirm this nominee is partisan politics. I cannot forget that this same Congress refused to even grant Merrick Garland a hearing. A teenage mistake should probably not be disqualifying for any office. However any untruth now, any lack of candor in this situation, is potentially an obstruction of justice and should disqualify a nominee for the Supreme Court. Although he completely denies the accusation, I also think that Judge Kavanaugh could ask for a pause to allow more information to come to […]
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    I hope that I might serve my country nearly so well as John McCain, with courage, honor, decency and character. […]
  • LaBoyteaux 2020–Fires in the Hills and across the Nation
    Harvest had begun when wildfires broke out here in Lake County, California. While I wait to re-enter the evacuation area, the political fires consuming our Nation are foremost on my mind. As an independent candidate for President, the issues that affect our people where they live, the security and health of our Nation and the working of our democracy are the crop I raise. I do not see evidence that our current President conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election but I’m surely concrned about the number of associates with Russian contacts. For a Trump Tower meeting supposedly about adoption, there was a lot of horsepower present. The Russians certainly did attempt to influence the 2016 election and continue to do so. The only way I will be convinced there was no collusion, is that the Mueller investigation be allowed to turn every stone. As President I would, of course, maintain normal diplomatic relations with Russia and work to resolve differences. I would not […]
  • LaBoyteaux 2020 — Sold Out
    Six months ago I declared my improbable candidancy for President of the United States because I believed I could do better than either of the major candidates. I am shocked and disgusted by today’s event’s in Finland. Over the unanamous conclusions of our intelligence agencies and Congressional Committees, our President has taken the side of Vladimir Putin claiming the Russians did not meddle in the 2016 election and the investigation is all a “witch hunt”. I hope every American is asking, “what does Putin have on our President that would cause him to sell out our country?” We have been sold out today and I absolutely would have known better, even maybe cancelling the meeting after last week’s indictments of 13 Russian military intelligence officers. I am praying that our men and women in uniform are not called upon to straighten out this maddness somewhere in the world. I am not fooled. I can think of no rational reason beyond some twisted self interest to criticize […]