Month: January 2019

LaBoyteaux 2020 – Horse Trading with People’s Lives

President Trump has offered to provide temporary (three years) protection for DACA recipients and persons covered by the TPS program, and reopen the government,  in exchange for $5.7 billion for his boarder wall.   DACA refers to people brought here illegally long ago as young children but who have lived in the United States most of their lives.  TPS is the Temporary Protected Status program, groups of refugees allowed to come to this country temporarily during wars or natural disasters in their home countries.  One example is people from Southeast Asia allowed to come here to escape retaliation for their support of the United States during and after the Vietnam War.  These people would mostly now be 60 to 70 years old.  Two previous presidents have told these TPS groups that they may stay.

President Trump ended these programs and told many they would have to leave.

Additionally there are now 800,000 American citizens out of work and diminished public and security services because of the government shutdown.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR A PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE TO DO, IS TO MAKE OUR REPRESENTATIVE SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT WORK AS WELL AS IT CAN.  We cannot govern by shutdown driving us further into our respective partisan corners.  We must re-establish the normal legislative process, created by our Constitution,  to compromise and resolve our differences.

I cannot control all the hardships that exist in our society, but it is not in my soul to barter with people’s lives, future and family well-being, DACA, TPS or our government employees, for a political purpose.  These people deserve a stable and secure future.  Our country benefits from the contribution they make to our society.   As president I will find a legislative solution to needed boarder security.  I could not be so callus and cruel as to barter with people’s lives.

President Trump has acknowledged there will not be a concrete wall from sea to sea but rather improved steel barriers at priority locations.  At this point Democrats should say there are some things to talk about and some things they cannot accept.  I would re-open the government.  I would provide permanent protection for DACA and TPS individuals.  I would provide increased funding for the full range of boarder security measures including improved barriers in critical locations where most effective.











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LaBoyteaux 2020–Nothing to fear but fear itself

Two men greater than myself have told us we have nothing to fear but fear itself.  Tonight I heard our President promote and appeal to fear of criminals, violence, drugs.  I hope Americans will not be sucked in.  The great majority trying to enter the United States on our southern boarder are poor people hoping for a job and a better way of life.  Or as Ronald Reagan told us, these are good people.  But we cannot accept them all.  We do need a secure boarder.  I have outlined my approach to these issues in previous posts.  We need to reject fear.  We need to reject prejudice and discrimination in any form.  And we need to end the cruelty of some current immigration policies

Further, we need to stop this nonsense of shutting down the government as political leverage.  The previous budget should stay in place until a new one is adopted.


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LaBoyteaux 2020–Boarder Security and the Shutdown

Mostly I try to address issues facing the country by explaining what I would do as President.  That does not provide a solution to the impasse in Washington this morning about boarder security and the shutdown.

There is a near complete disagreement about the facts.  The solution could be joint fact finding hearings by the House and Senate.

In the meantime, some increase in boarder security funding to be used for all current techniques and strategies at the boarder, might bring some movement to this issue, while hearings could bring a more fact based solution.  Since walls do exist, mostly in some urban areas, Mr. Trump could say he got money for a wall, even if the Boarder Patrol actually prefers other types of barriers and strategies.

The hardships being caused by the shutdown are unnecessary.  We all know boarder security is needed.  Incremental improvement combined with fact finding and national discussion provides a way forward.  Rome was not built in a day.




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